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To the one stop shop for all your Structured Media and Home Entertainment needs.  Our focus at Westman Installations is to develop Innovative Audio / Video Solutions for you that are flexible, easy to use and improve your quality of life. Westman offers a wide variety of high quality products specializing in Multi-Room Audio / Video Distribution, Custom Home Theater Design, Home Theater Installation, Whole house Audio, HDTV Video Distribution and complete Electronic Installation Services for Brandon Manitoba and the surrounding Westman Region of Manitoba.  If you can not find the audio / video solutions you are looking for please contact us.  

Building a new home?     Buying a new home?     Renovating an existing one?

Chances are your home is the most important thing in your life. Whether it's your first starter or ultimate dream-come-true masterpiece, your house sets the stage for the way your family lives and plays. That's why you should consider personalizing your home by fine-tuning its ambiance to envelop your senses in every possible way. Blending Custom Home Theater Design and / or Multiroom Audio with Architecture is one way to complement your individual lifestyle. Because it's not just how your home looks that makes it magic to live in, it's also how it sounds that sets it apart and enables it to touch your family in special ways.

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At Westman we know how important it is to get the best quality in home entertainment products and Installation services.  That’s why We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 90-Day Installation Warranty.

Family Home Entertainment

Throughout our site you will notice we have a wonderful selection of entertainment centers for the home and home entertainment products and services. All of our structured media and custom home theater design and installation is offered at excellent prices. Whether you are looking for home entertainment built in or home entertainment installation, you will find we have what you need.
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Sharing an internet connection, computer files, printers and expanding your access to music and HDTV video services are just a few good reasons to include audio, video and data networks in the plans for any new house under construction, or to add them to an existing home.  If you subscribe to high-speed Internet service via Xplornet, DSL, or Cable, a home network can extend that connection to every room in the house.  Satellite radio, and music stored on your computer’s hard drive or ipod, can play throughout the house from in-wall or in-ceiling speakers controlled by a LCD keypads.These same networks will allow you and your family to play multiplayer games, and monitor cameras in a baby’s room or driveway.  This camera can be motion triggered to send an email to your office or PDA.  In the near future that same network will support smart appliances, controlled remotely via the internet or cell phone.

For more information on our Whole House Entertainment systems and Installation Services please contact Westman Installations for a Free consultation.