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Multi-Room / Whole House Audio Systems

Vibe System

Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio - Also know as distributed audio, multi-room audio allows you to listen to your favorite music in almost any room of your home. Additionally, multi-room audio systems eliminate the need of purchasing separate stereo systems or boom boxes for each room.  A central audio rack (or closet) holds a variety of audio sources (CD players, tuners, satellite radio, media servers, etc.) and distributes the music from those audio sources to different rooms in the home.  You will be able to enjoy music, talk radio, sports, or movies in any room at the touch of a button indoors and out.  Listeners can choose which audio source they want to listen to and even control it remotely via Infrared Red (IR) control or with a touch screen interface.  

Today’s homeowners have become increasingly technology-savvy, and have higher expectations for whole-house distributed audio systems. Customers also demand a control interface that is simple to operate, functionally flexible, highly reliable, yet elegant enough to complement any interior design.

Our Vibe and Russound multiroom audio systems are revolutionary in there design and ease of use, yet priced to complete with yesterdays technology.  It's the kind of home improvement that brings you pleasure every day.  

We at Westman Installations can customize a complete multi-room system, weather the job calls for 1 room 1 source or 20 rooms 20 sources, we have the solution to meet your needs.  For more information on multi-room audio systems please contact us.

Vibe IP Distributed Audio System

Vibe IP Distributed Audio System

The first truly pre-integrated system of its kind, Vibe merges award-winning style with the power, performance and flexibility of IP-based digital audio to create a system that delivers unparalleled control and crystal clear, reference-quality sound to every room in the house.

The System

Vibe is an IP-based digital system which utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate data (such as digital audio data) on a network to multiple locations and devices.  By using IP, Vibe components can be linked together via network products such as routers switches and CAT-5e cables, making a system less expensive to install, set up and troubleshoot.  Adding new components to a Vibe system is as easy as plugging them into the router.

Secondly, we convert any audio signals into a digital format (PCM) and distribute the new signal across your entire Vibe system. By digitizing the signal, signal loss and noise normally associated with analog wire runs that connect a source to an amplifier are now virtually eliminated, even if your source and Color Touch screen Amplifier are 1,000 feet apart.


All Vibe components are pre-integrated. They have been designed, developed and tested to work together as a completely scalable, highly dependable system. Whether it’s just one audio source and one Color Touch screen Amplifier or over 20 of each, system setup is identical, making the installation process quick and easy. Plus, the intuitive nature of a Vibe system makes learning to use it fast and enjoyable. 

Vibe IP Multi- Room Audio System

Vibe Color Touch Screen AmplifierVibe Color Touch Screen AmplifierEvery Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier gives you instant, intuitive control of any audio source, anywhere on the system. Simply tap the screen to access, browse and control the Vibe Audio Server, as well as any connected input, including CD players, iPods, AM/FM or satellite radio, anywhere in the house. Stream multiple independent programs to different rooms simultaneously. Display metadata and full color cover art with the touch of a finger. This gorgeous, flush-mounted 7-inch wide format active matrix display just begs to be touched. Choose from a variety of vibrant, award-winning pre-programmed backgrounds to harmonize with any room décor, or simply vanish if you prefer. Complete the design with a choice of paintable bezels.
Vibe Audio ServerVibe Audio ServerWith two models available to choose from, the Vibe Audio Server can store up to 1,250 uncompressed CDs and delivers up to sixteen unique, simultaneous audio streams (with optional AM/FM Tuner Blades installed). Now everyone in the house can listen to their choice of music, no matter which room they’re in. Bring your favorite stations into the mix. The optional AM/FM Tuner Blade provides all the features of a professional tuner without the extra rack space needed for large AM/FM receivers. Seamlessly integrate up to 10 AM/FM Tuner Blades with your Audio Server
Vibe Audio EncoderVibe Audio EncoderThe Vibe Audio Encoder accepts inputs from a wide variety of sound sources through its analog, coaxial and optical digital audio connectors. Integrated IR control allows you to easily configure your component’s transport commands (such as play, stop, pause, or skip), giving you control of your device from a handheld remote or any Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier. Almost any conventional audio device can be integrated with the Vibe System via a Vibe Audio Encoder. From CD and DVD players and changers to tape decks, and even AM/FM tuners and receivers, the Vibe Audio Encoder brings it all together.
Vibe AM / FM Tunner BladeVibe AM / FM Tunner BladeThe Vibe AM/FM Tuner Blade provides a quick and easy way to incorporate terrestrial radio into the Vibe System. The integrated design eliminates the need for extra rack space normally reserved for those large AM/FM receivers, while providing all the features you would expect from a professional tuner, and then some.

Russoud Multi-Room Audio Systems

Russound Distributed Audio Systems

Russound RNET home audio systems are rich with features for your convenience and enjoyment. Preset buttons on the keypads give you access to favorite programs. Bass, treble, loudness, and balance controls let you tweak the sound to your liking. Party Mode and Do Not Disturb let you put the music exactly where you want it.

With RNET on board, the UNO keypads and touchscreens in our CAM and CAV systems show you what’s playing on our SMS3 Smart Media Server and our ST2-Series Smart Tuners in real time.

RNET is a Russound technology that allows our Smart components to talk to each other. For you, this means all your Russound components are easy to use. For your installer, RNET speeds design and system configuration, saving time and money.

A-BUS Distributed Audio System

A-BUS® is the easiest way to enjoy music throughout your home. Designed for simplicity and exceptional ease of use, it’s more convenient to use than any stereo system you’ve ever owned.

Using a revolutionary technology, A-BUS sends stereo music to amplified keypads or volume controls throughout your home, extending your audio system to as many rooms as you choose.

A-BUS—the simple, elegant and affordable way to bring music and system control to any room.

Russound Multi-Room Audio Systems

Russound CAM6.6Russound CAM6.6The CAM6.6 multiroom receiver plays music from up to six audio sources in six different rooms of your home. Multiple receivers can link together for additional rooms. The receiver comes in three versions. The CAM6.6T includes a built-in AM/FM tuner, while the CAM6.6X includes built-in XM® Satellite Radio. A version without tuner, the CAM6.6, is available for zone expansion or for use as a multiroom controller-amplifier. All three versions are available in kits with UNO-S1 or UNO-S2 keypads. With UNO keypads and touchscreens, the CAM6.6 communicates from its built-in tuner and other Russound Smart sources vital information such as preset name, AM/FM station frequency, XM station ID, artist, and song title.
Russound CAV6.6Russound CAV6.6The award-winning and sophisticated CAV6.6 is a star performer. It works behind the scenes to distribute six audio-video sources to six rooms in your home. It’s like having an entertainment system in each room. For your convenience, the CAV6.6 is loaded with features: • Favorite program presets • System on and off from any keypad • Infrared remote control • Party mode • Program information from RNET® sources displayed on the keypads • Paging and doorbell muting capability Enjoy a galaxy of music and movies from any seat in the house.
Russound A-BUS MK401Russound A-BUS MK401A-BUS by Russoud is the perfect solution for small 2 to 4 room distributed audio sysems. Available in a 1 source 2 room, to a 4 source 4 room systems. With a receiver or preamplifier connected to the A-H4 hub, you can select any of your music sources to enjoy throughout the house. Or you can connect just a single audio source, such as a computer or a CD changer. The A-LC2 Local Source Input allows you to connect a computer, CD player, or other audio source to the room speakers in an A-BUS zone. It automatically selects the connected source when it senses an audio signal. You can then use the room keypad or volume control to adjust the speaker volume while playing the local source, just as you would while listening to a source through the main A-BUS system.
UNO-TS2 Touch Sceen LCD KeypadUNO-TS2 Touch Sceen LCD KeypadRussound’s UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen is a simple-to-use wall-mounted interface packed with friendly features. Practical in any room, it offers complete control of your listening and viewing experience. The UNO-TS2 is an exciting new way to control a multiroom entertainment system. When used in a Russound RNET® system with a Smart Tuner or Smart Media Server, the UNO-TS2 provides valuable information such as playlist, channel name, artist name, and song title. And it supports custom presets, music themes, and source names for a personal touch. The UNO-TS2 uses a mix of hard buttons for the most frequent commands and graphical soft keys for content-related functions. The high-resolution LCD panel is easy to read and displays the system’s status in real time, including the source playing, the selected AM/FM radio station or XM channel, and the volume level in the zone it’s controlling. The UNO-TS2 also provides one-touch access to favorite CDs, DVDs, and MP3 play lists. An integrated IR receiver supports the use of the SRC1 and SRC2 system remotes and other remotes as well.
UNO-S2 LCD KeypadUNO-S2 LCD KeypadThis award-winning keypad gives you complete control of any RNET® system. The 12-character backlit display shows system and source information in real time. With Russound Smart sources like the ST2 Series Dual Tuners or the SMS3 Media Server, you can view station or channel, artist, and song title on the keypad display. Available in five decorator colors, the UNO-S2 is at home in every room.