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Surge Protectors


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Surge Protectors and Power Line Conditioners

Our Pure Power line conditioners and surge protectors ensure you're getting the best performance from your audio and video equipment.  No matter how much you spend on your home theatre system, you won't get the best sound and picture possible if you aren't connected to the Energy Pure Power Centre.

The power that comes through your household electrical outlets is full of interference that can compromise the sound and picture quality of your system.  Unlike ordinary surge protectors,  the Energy power system incorporates specially designed circuitry to reduce this performance-degrading power line interference.  The resulting pure power means you get the best sound and picture quality possible from your home theatre system.

Your delicate elctronic components are also vulnerable to surges and spikes common in your household power supply.  Featuring fast response, high-capacity surge protection will keep all your connected equipment safe, including coaxial and phone line connections. 

Lifetime equipment protection warranty:

Level 1 $ 50,000

Level 2 $ 75,000

Level 3 $ 1,000,000

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