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Structured Wiring


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Is A Home Network Right For You?

Today, household computers, the internet, telephones, cable and satellite TV, and other services connect our homes to a world of information, entertainment, and communication.  If you have more than one computer in your house, or want to connect more than one television to cable or satellite, or simply want to play the same music or videos in more than one room, you’re a prime prospect for adding data, video, and audio networks to your house.  Access to a high-speed information utility is fast becoming an aspect of everyday domestic life; soon it will be as common as telephone, cable TV, and electric wiring are now.  We at WESTMAN INSTALLATIONS will help you understand not only what a home network has to offer today but how it can prepare your home for tomorrow’s technology as it becomes available.


Wire is cheap.  Opening walls is expensive.  It is best to put in ten times the amount of wire that you will use at any time.  This provides the capacity and flexibility for the future needs of your home.


Structured wiring is a method of providing the communications infrastructure of your home in a well organized, easy to understand, and thorough way to provide a general solution to your present and future needs.  Rather than run a coax here, and a cat 5 there, and another coax somewhere else as you guess at the future needs, the structured approach is to consistently run a full bundle of wire to every significant room.  The coax cables provide a down stream and an upstream signal path for Cable TV, Satellite TV and CCTV Cameras, while the Cat 5 cables are for Telecommunications, Audio / Video Distribution and Data Networking.

Have you been searching for structured wire?

Take a look below at our selection of structured home wiring. If you are looking for a prewire, you have come to the right place.


Sharing an internet connection, computer files, printers and expanding your access to music and HDTV video services are just a few good reasons to include audio, video and data networks in the plans for any new house under construction, or to add them to an existing home.  If you subscribe to high-speed Internet service via Xplornet, DSL, or Cable, a home network can extend that connection to every room in the house.  Satellite radio, and music stored on your computer’s hard drive or ipod, can play throughout the house from in-wall or in-ceiling speakers controlled by a LCD keypads.These same networks will allow you and your family to play multiplayer games, and monitor cameras in a baby’s room or driveway.  This camera can be motion triggered to send an email to your office or PDA.  In the near future that same network will support smart appliances, controlled remotely via the internet or cell phone.For more information on our Whole House Entertainment systems and Installation Services please contact Westman Installations for a Free consultation.